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Hi there! I'm Tom

Let's raise the bar on your next design venture. Exceptional results are a given. We'll build confidence at every step with informed decisions, a tried-and-true process, and a collaboration that values authenticity above all else.

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Your one-stop-shop for premium designs

Designs that not only look and function beautifully, but more importantly, build trust with your audience and position you as an authority in your industry.

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Starts at
$15k USD
Package 1

Full Brand Identity + Webflow Website

From logo to final launch, I’ll build your entire digital glow-up from the ground up.

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Starts at
$10k USD
Package 2

Design + Build a Webflow Website

Already have a brand identity? Great, let’s get started on the website that best shows it off.

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Starts at
$8k USD
Package 3

To-Spec Webflow Development

Already have a website design and just need to build? I'm happy to do that too.

Includes the essential building blocks

For any modern website—courtesy of Webflow.

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Mobile Optimization

Within the last 12 months, over 55% of worldwide online visits came from mobile. We'll captivate your audience by ensuring your website functions seamlessly on their mobile device, guaranteeing a pleasant experience while simultaneously boosting engagement.

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Secure Hosting

Safeguard site data and establish trust with reliable Webflow hosting. Feel secure knowing you're protected against attacks, threats and vulnerabilities.

Icon of CMS cylinder symbol

Intuitive CMS

A CMS (Content Management System) allows you to easily control and update website content without any technical expertise, saving hours of time and headaches with content creation and website maintenance.

Icon of Finsweet Client First logo


I follow the best practices and Webflow structure strategies of the F'insweet Client-First System. This makes future changes or site handoffs to other Webflow developers easy as pie.

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Ensure your website is ADA compliant and as inclusive as possible for people with disabilities, impairments and limitations. This is a fundamental requirement that makes sure everyone has access to information and services provided on the internet.

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Custom Animations

Boost the overall experience of visiting your site with eye-catching animations that add depth and refinement, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

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Speed Optimization

Improve user satisfaction and SEO performance by optimizing page loading times—ensuring swift and seamless browsing across devices.

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Custom Interactions

Ditch the boring buttons and hover states. Let's create interactive elements that delight and engage users, encouraging them to explore and interact with your website in meaningful and memorable ways.

Icon of a laptop

Fully Responsive

This is an obvious requisite for any site. Reach users on any screen or device, providing a consistent and user-friendly experience that adapts to your visitor's needs no matter where they are.

My Process

Time-tested steps proven to get results

The following are just a few of the major components included in each step.

Step 1/6


We’ll kick things off with a thorough conversation to understand the ins and outs of your project needs.

Goals & Challenges
Site Content
Target Audience
Look & Feel
Step 2/6

Research + Strategy

By meticulously defining your goals, we'll formulate a deliberate approach to the perfect solution.

Competitor Analysis
User Research
Site Architecture
Content Development
Step 3/6


With strategy in place, we can start building the site’s foundation, then progress our way up to final aesthetic.

Visual Design
User Testing
Step 4/6


Everything is designed, now comes the fun part—we start building a functional website in Webflow.

Webflow Development
Animations & Interactions
CMS Infrastructure
Fully Responsive
Step 5/6


We’ll go through an extensive pre-launch checklist to make sure every detail is right before your site goes live.

Essential SEO
Browser Testing
GDPR Compliance
Domain Setup
Step 6/6

Training + Support

Cue the Rocky theme music. We’ll make sure you feel confident taking the baton to manage and maintain your new site.

Webflow Editor
Site Analytics
Post-Launch Assistance
Site Maintenance
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Why should we work with you? What makes you unique?

As someone who can operate as an independent member of your team—and requires very little hand-holding—I can be the precision specialist for those who want only the most expedient, calculated and quality work.

I’m a single point-of-reference intent on taking the time to understand the challenges you’re facing, so I can produce the most impactful solutions. With you as the subject matter expert, we'll collaborate closely, allowing me to do what I do best—amplify your message to the world through your online digital presence.

What is Webflow? Why do you use it?

Webflow allows me to control the entire website creation process. From initial strategy to maintaining the site after launch, it is one of the best no-code website builders available. I can deliver the quality you expect without all of the extra noise between large teams of designers, developers and project managers.

Most importantly, Webflow sites are fast, scalable, effective, easy-to-update and highly customizable.

I won’t say Webflow is perfect for all use-cases, and we can discuss if it’s the ideal option for your project, but I have worked with Wordpress, Wix and Squarespace in the past, and Webflow blows them out of the water in terms of flexibility, capabilities and ease-of-use.

How long does a new brand and website typically take to create?

The timeline to create a brand and website depends on several factors, including the scope of work, size of the website, and speed of communication, to name a few.

Most projects can be completed within 8-12 weeks. Anyone who promises something shorter is likely cutting corners that you can't afford to cut.

I’ll know the timeline better once I understand your project needs, so get in touch and we’ll schedule a time to discuss options.

What does it cost to work with you?

Like timing, several factors go into determining the cost.

I use standardized pricing of either flat fees or hourly rates depending on the request, so you know you’re always paying a fair price. That being said, most of my projects typically cost somewhere in the $5,000-$10,000 range. Rates vary depending on the complexity of the tasks and the proximity to a deadline.

Please note my minimum engagement level for any project is currently set at $1,500.

As for Webflow and site maintenance costs, it depends on several more factors, including your site plan, domain name, CMS features, and more. You can expect to pay anywhere from $15-$50 per month.

If the thought of maintaining your site makes you shudder, I do offer retainers to do that for you, and am able to make the occasional small update or fix.

Please understand I do not issue refunds, but know I have never had to discuss one. The nature of the process ensures we create something you'll love.

All situations are different, so get in touch and I can provide a more accurate quote once I know more.

What are your capabilities as an independent creative?

As a brand and web designer and Webflow developer, I cover the full spectrum of the design process, including research, strategy, information architecture, UX, visual design, Webflow development, Webflow training, post-launch support, and site maintenance.

I’m also an expert in brand identity systems and logo design, and can develop full brand guidelines for any new endeavor.

Developing already existing designs in Webflow—or recreating your current Squarespace or Wordpress site in Webflow—is also in my wheelhouse.

The only things I do not do myself are advanced SEO, eCommerce, copywriting, or content creation services.

How do we get started?

I’m so glad you asked! Fill out this form with your project details and I’ll get back to you ASAP with some times to chat. Once I have a good understanding of your needs, I’ll develop a scope of work document, timeline estimate, quote and agreement within a week. After those are approved and signatures have been made, we’ll dive right into the design process.

Have another question? Ask me at

My Story

Meet Tom

Having honed my web design skills for almost a decade in various agency roles, I craved a fresh start. Webflow opened new horizons, letting me work with businesses on a person-to-person level, all while allowing me to prioritize my loved ones and pursue my passions. With a collaborative spirit and a warm demeanor, I'm ready to jump on every new project.


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